Being an online marketer, people always come to me: How can I get traffic to my products and offers?
A common problem in online marketing people have no trouble finding a product to promote, but once you have a product: where do you get the traffic?

Facebook UID ScraperOnce of my main sources of leads is Facebook. Whether it’s 1on1, Pages, Groups, FB is da bomb haha!
Finding leads on Facebook can be challenging though, specifically finding someone interested in your product. You can pay top dollar for Facebook ads, or if you have the knowledge get it down to $0.01 per thousand views… Still, it’s a test and you’ll have to figure out what works best for your ad.

But what if you could get the people who already liked a competitors product – and get their e-mail address?
I developed the Facebook UID Scraper a few months ago for myself, serving exactly this purpose. I had a product I wanted to sell, but was too short on time to generate leads for them the traditional way, so I though why not give this a try!

What happened was schocking: I sent the FB leads an email with a link to my optin page, and managed to split test this up to 55% conversion rate!

Check out the Facebook UID Scraper at