Back in 2016, I was playing around with a PHP traffic exchange script that I had bought the copyrights to.

I was converting the script to Bootstrap, updating the PHP code as best as I could at the time (I learned a lot over the past four years), and trying to mold it into a project that I could launch online and perhaps even make some money with. Over time, the design looked great, the functions worked as intended and I even launched that project I had in mind and earned – literally – a few dollars with it.

Then I caught a lucky break: I was talking to a big name network marketer, who was looking for one specific part of my project: the downline builder.

At the time, it was just a small cog in the wheel of the project I was working on, alongside a training area, welcome area and a spot where members could find resources to promote the project. It was kinda slapped together, as the script had originally been over the past 15 years or so.

Side-note: I love finding old php script, refurbishing them, and if possible, in today’s market sell them for a profit.

But I digress – The project was scrappily put together at the time, and myself and this marketer went to work on it. He hired me to rebuild it, structure the PHP script for a project he had in mind.

What happened after it’s launch was amazing… This small PHP script I worked on turned in to a website for him that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, not just for him but for it’s members as well. 

The downline builder part did its work and allowed members to save their username for a specific product the website was promoting on the in-and-outside.

Over the years, more and more people came asking for a copy of the code, which at first I held exclusive to this one customer. Over time, our relationship deterred and I felt it was time to meet the demand, and turn this once simple PHP script into a marketable product. Sharon and I decided to call it Downline Builder Software.

The Downline Builder Software project now allows any affiliate, team builder, network marketer, downline builder, franchise, coach, or anyone else who can find a use for the software to use it on their own hosting and domain, and create – or attempt to – the same success as we’ve had with it numerous times over the past few years.

Quite a feat, as it’s the second time this has happened over the past 10 years: a simple project turns into a money-making opportunity for our little company. History repeats.

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