For the last few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home alongside with my lovely girlfriend Sharon. Back in 2013, I launched a software that helps entrepreneurs generate traffic for their business at a great price.

Immediately after launch, I dove into the world of online marketing and found that the online entrepreneur needs three things to succeed: A Blog, a Page Builder to create landing pages, sales pages etc and an Email Marketing System to manage leads, lead lists, send email campaigns and to configure their autoresponder series. A whole new world opened up to me, and I’ve been fortunate enough to use these very tools to build my business with Sharon.

Email Marketing Tools

While looking at these tools and systems, I noticed that the service providers took advantage of their monopoly positions in the industry. Looking at the email marketing tools, a few of the big players are Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp. Seeing Aweber the most, I dediced to look at their pricing structure… And got the shock of my life…

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 7.20.39 PM¬†Being a developer, maybe I’m fortunate enough to realize that (looking at their most expensive plan at $149 per month) the prices these providers charge for using their service, are ridiculously high.

Storing 25.000 leads for $149 is insane in my opinion, and far exceed most marketer’s list capacity (By now I personally have well over 500K leads) forcing them to contact Aweber in this case and I probably don’t even want to know what they would charge me to store ALL of my leads.

See, people who are getting started online might not even have $149 per month to spend on a service like this and are basically forced to turn to a lesser service, which also means that they will run into issues getting their emails delivered!

Page Builder Tools

The email marketing tools is just one part of running your online business. Being able to store leads and email them is cool, but if you don’t have a so-called landing/squeeze/opt-in page you’re not getting very far. This leads most people to services like LeadPages to build their pages with their drag & drop systems. Again, a big shock hit me!

Looking at their signup page, people pay a whopping $67 per month (if the monthly payment option is chosen) to build their Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 7.35.20 PMpages. This allows them to build their squeeze, sales, opt-in, webinar pages and a few other types of pages that allows them to generate their leads and to provide a nice look to their pages without going through the hassle of learning how to code the page themselves.

Again, I might have an unfair advantage, but looking at this pricing structure I would just feel ripped off. Hosting nowadays can cost pennies, and the web offers a wide variety of pre-built html pages that people can use to generate leads with rather then paying $67 JUST TO BUILD PAGES!

There has to be a better alternative…

Well… There wasn’t, unless you’re up for joining a MLM (multi-level marketing) company paying $100’s per month, being forced to buy into their higher level tiers by your sponsor and not having full freedom to doing exactly what you want…

So I created it, and together with Sharon I’m proud to introduce you to: ToolsPlatform

The biggest issue we see in the tools mentioned above is that you are limited in your creative freedom. Like a set limit of leads, pages and upload space. With ToolsPlatform, there are NO limits. You’re not paying extra for storing your leads, lists, campaigns or autoresponders and are in no way limited to what type of pages you want to make: You have complete control and freedom.

As we have just launched this tools set, and want to start off with a bang, we’re allowing people to try ToolsPlatform for just $7. This trial is, as mentioned, in no way limited either giving you the full “All-In-One Marketing Suite” for you to try, use and abuse.

After your trial (7 days), you’re paying just $49 per month to keep your suite up and running and you’ll never run into limits. We offer unlimited upload space and bandwidth within your site, again: no limits in uploading and storing leads, lists, camaigns and autoresponders and can write and publish unlimited articles on your blog.

Best of all: It is all included in 1 dashboard, saving you the hassle of jumping around from site to site trying to connect it all together. ToolsPlatform is simply point, click and share it with the world.

Try ToolsPlatform now for just $7, and see how our All-In-One Marketing Suite will help you generate an online income while keeping your overhead to the bare minimum!

Let me know in the comments below what you think – I’m looking forward to your thoughts and opinions.