It was another day in the life of Aron & Sharon. The usual: woke up, had some coffee, started work. We had just been visited by a friend from Canada who left earlier that day, so we where still kind of recharging our batteries… Netflix I think this recharger was called 😉

When going out for a smoke, I checked the mail and found three envelopes waiting for me and Sharon.

One was the electrical bill, one was an ad… and the last one… was incredible.

It was a plain white envelope. No return address. No “From” or “To”.

It just said: I bless you! Enjoy 🙂img_7430

Literally, just that exactly as I wrote it above. The envelope was sealed by just the very tip, and holding it up to the light revealed a shape which looked an awful lot like… Money?

I called Sharon over to look at the envelope, trying to see if she recognised the hand writing (she normally does :P) but she had no clue. Carefully, anxiously and somewhat scared… We opened the white envelope and there it was: a crisp, clean, very real… 20 euro bill.

We carefully scanned the inside of the envelope but couldn’t find anything else in it beside the note.

Until right now, we have no clue who put this in our mailbox. Doing some research online revealed that it MIGHT be from a local church? We found an article that explained how some churches hand out envelopes with the writing “I bless you” on it with 10, 20, or 50 euro notes in them for the people to give to someone in need or someone they believe would need it more then them.

A beautiful gesture, which both me and Sharon tend to pass on. We’re keeping the 20 euro note, and whenever we run into someone who could use it more then us: we’ll pass it along!