As i’ve told you in my last blog post, i’ve aqcuired some cool projects on my trip to New York City january one of which is With way too many books ( over 1.5million pages! ) regarding magic, ventriloquism, mentalism, coin magic, card magic, rubber band magic, how-i-can-remove-a-womans-bra-in-seconds magic and so much more it is the ultimate research tool for magicians and people interested in the artform.

Founder Bill Kalush tells you a little bit about the project in this video for EMC 2010:

Bill gave me the challanging task to re-design AskAlexander to be more 2.0ish and to fit the current market better with its design, functionality and the way the site is layed out. More to come…

Aron Prins
Aron Prins

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