Hey everyone,

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.53.23 PMRecently i’ve seen a tweet by @JJJ fly by requesting international admins for the BuddyPress website.
Off course I offered my help, and after a good talk with @DeFries I am now a BuddyPress Moderator.

This means, that if you’re dutch and have BuddyPress related issues – you can post them in the special forum and we will try to help you resolve the problem!See you there!

Aron Prins
Aron Prins

I'm a 26 year old entrepreneur who works from home full-time in just about any industry you can think of: design, development, marketing, coaching and so much more. Send me a text at +1 915-228-4299 and let me know how we can help each other move forward :)

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