A little update on the apblog 🙂

Last january I’ve visited NYC with my Mom for the first time to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Staying at the Pennsylvania across Madison Square Garden, the city was at my feet – I knew I had lots to do.
As a magician, visiting a magic-shop was a thing that was madetory – Visiting Fantasma Magic on 7th Ave was one of the coolest expierences ever, even met David Roth!

This january I’m keeping the tradition alive, celebrating my 23rd birthday in NYC with mom! Hit me up if you’re in the area, ill post updates when I know dates 🙂

Aron Prins
Aron Prins

I'm a 26 year old entrepreneur who works from home full-time in just about any industry you can think of: design, development, marketing, coaching and so much more. Send me a text at +1 915-228-4299 and let me know how we can help each other move forward :)

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