For the last few days i’ve been actively developing working alongside Dan Buck in the entire process.
It’s been great so far, adding BuddyPress ( BP ) to the installation really helped expanding the DeTube theme’s possibility’s!

For now, we’ve only enabled the Extended Profiles & Account Settings components and the Private Messaging for admins only – this way we can develop the components on a live site 🙂

Moving around the standard BP registration was a challange, as Dan wanted the forms small and compact.
Cheating a little, i used the Bootstrap css to create the dual buttons and add them to the header itself… Need to fix that soon 😉

Currently im eagerly awaiting Dan’s mockups for the messaging component, which will allow the user to im with each other.

Developing a WebApp will also be a big component of the site. We really want to give you guys the best expierence possible on both iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and all other mobile devices out there. Since the site is based on WordPress and BuddyPress, and theme switchers are readily available everywhere… It will be an easy thing to do and make this thing superawesomenesscool!

More info to come soon 😉


Aron Prins
Aron Prins

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