Back in 2006/2007, i remember first hearing the rumor of a new decks of cards. Bicycle version 2zillion we all thought, but boy where we wrong.
Dan & Dave, better known as “The Bucktwins” created a deck of cards for personal use but when they saw the light of day… They sold out.

They simply freaking sold out… Just like all their other stuff does… Print boxers – it sells! Lotion? Pff sure! Big square pieces of cardboard with some ink on it, and then even write their signatures on it to make it WORTH MORE! God i love these guys ( i a non-sexually and gay-way 😛 ) !

They’ve been teasing us with updates on facebook & twitter for their newest release – Smoke & Mirrors V7 – The Final Chapter.
Stay tuned.

“Developing the Smoke & Mirrors has been our passion for the last six years. We’ve put our heart and soul into every detail and are extremely proud of them. With each new edition, we feel we’ve set a new standard, and this would not have been possible without your support.

The final edition, the v7, is without a doubt the most exceptional deck we’ve ever produced and an epic finale to an amazing chapter in our life. We’ve been working on it for over a year now and even had new artwork produced by Si Scott exclusively for this releas. The result is amazing and we can’t wait for you to see them.”