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The Testimonials

"I always become partners with my clients, think with them and make suggestions based on their requests.
We're in this together." - Aron Prins


When it comes to WordPress, Aron is a whiz - quick, experienced, resourceful and responsive. He installed and deployed an customized enterprise-level solution for my corporate intranet in less than 24 hours. He comes highly recommended. Feel free to reach me anytime via email or text - I can vouch for him personally (ryan@renegadesnyc.com or +1-915-600-6978).

Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie RyanLeslie.com

Aron was able to not only get one, but two, website projects done in less than 45 days. The first website has already generated $125,118.00 in revenue for both myself and my affiliates. If you need a project done, from A-Z, (Sh)aron’s your guy! 😉

Mack Mills
Mack Mills MackMillions.com

One of the fastest, cleverest and easy to work with designers that Conjuring Arts has ever worked with. A pleasure.

Bill Kalush
Bill Kalush Conjuring Arts Research Center

Aron Prins has been an absolute delight to work with. Not only does he get the job done in a timely manner but he offers valid suggestions for design and development. He really does go the extra mile. Kardistry.com has grown into an expansive community because of his efforts.

Dan Buck
Dan Buck Dan and Dave Industries